2016: Open meeting reports from council

Following the CCA AGM on 23 November 2016, an open meeting was held on ‘Acton’s Built Environment and Regeneration’. Carol Sam, manager of Ealing Council’s Economic Regeneration department, was unable to take part at the last minute but supplied the information below, which was distributed to those who attended.

CCA questions & council answers: replies from Carol Sam and her team to questions from CCA members

Regeneration update November 2016: compiled by Carol Sam and her team

S106 money for developments in and around Acton December 2016: S106 money is what developers are charged by the council to ameliorate the burden on the area that results from their development. It tends to go towards large environmental, educational and transport projects. Confusingly, this document is entitle ‘Park Royal S106s’, but all the projects listed are in North Acton, where the majority of development in our area is taking place.