The Churchfield Community Association (CCA) is made up of people who live and work in and around Churchfield Road in Acton, London W3. Our primary aims are to act together on issues of mutual concern and enjoy each other’s company, preferably at the same time.

The CCA participates in a number of local events and in addition we hold some informal social events of our own, including a summer garden party, Christmas party and our renowned supper quizzes.

On the more serious side, we take part in consultations for new developments of all sorts on our patch, represent the area to the council’s (alcohol) licensing committee and act to bring about improvements in the local area.

We also manage an email list through which members – both residents and businesses – can inform, surprise and amuse each other, and publish a twice yearly print newsletter to remind you of important dates in Acton’s and the CCA’s calendar.

Recent achievements: we campaigned for and achieved the lighting of the main path in Acton Park and improved “turn off your engine” signs at the level crossing (both funded by Ealing’s Ward Forums), we continue to monitor and press for parking improvements in Churchfield Road, we have made representations on local licence applications and have maintained the community poster board and free bookstall at Acton Central Station.

The Constitution of the CCA is available here