Here are contact details for organisations and individuals that you might find useful – or even vital. CCA web team actively welcomes suggestions for additional entries.

Action West London
The Doughnut Factory
10 Warple Mews
Warple Way
London W3 0RF

Call: 020 8993 9605

Unit 9 Morris House
Swainson Road
W3 7UP

Call: 0208 735 4770



Charity, development trust, limited liability company and social enterprise. Its core objective is to ‘promote economic and community regeneration in Acton, Ealing and adjoining West London boroughs’.

Acton Central Safer Neighbourhood Team
Acton Police Station,
250 High Street,
Acton W3 9BH
Tel: (020) 8721 2921 and 07879 694 811
Twitter: @MPSActonCentral

The Safer Neighbourhood Teams have been established to deal with local issues and crimes that affect quality of life and to reassure residents. In May 2021 the Acton Central team consisted of:

PCSO Sarah Kearney
Police Sergeant Matthew Buckland
Police Constable Tasbia Ashraf
Police Constable Finlay Barber
Police Constable Ervis Kuniqi
Police Constable Rob Stack

Among the things that the team tackle are graffiti, abandoned cars, noisy neighbours, drunks and vandalism. They also work in partnership with the local authority and other agencies. Find out more on the SNT’s website.

Acton Ward councillors
The ward boundaries were redrawn in 2022 at which point “Acton Central” disappeared with parts now appearing in North Acton and others in East Acton and we have members who are in Southfield. So rather than listing all of the councillors individually, here is the link to the Ealing council web site where you can find them.

All Acton Labour councillors take turns to attend a surgery every Saturday, 11am–12 noon, at Ruskin Hall in Church Road.

Act For Ealing
Act For Ealing is a growing network of local people and organisations, set up with the support of the council, to inspire everyone to take action on tackling the climate crisis in their everyday lives.

Acton History Group
Are you interested in the history of your house, road, area or family? If so, join Acton’s own local history society for entertaining meetings, workshops and talks, visits to sites of interest, and a scholarly yet readable biannual magazine. Annual subscription: £10 (single), £15 (joint).

Acton Notebook
Acton Notebook describes itself as:

‘Our work started out as a passion project in 2018 when we set up social media feeds to support the small businesses on Churchfield Rd. We posted daily for two years before launching Acton Notebook to formalise our services and to make them sustainable in the long run. Passion for supporting our local economy still sits at the core of Acton Notebook activities. Our community projects Acton Unframed and Market W3 were launched with a mission to increase footfall and create opportunities for businesses in the area.
We are not a news site or a local forum (we leave that to others)! Our mission is to showcase all that is good about Acton and help improve all that is not.’
This community website – ‘run for and by local people’ – has up-to-date news about Acton. To participate fully in the forum and receive a weekly email newsletter, become a member – it’s free.

APPLE (Acton Play Projects and Leisure Events)
Acton Park
East Acton Lane
London W3
Tel: 020 8743 6133
The CCA’s chosen charity, which aims to ‘enrich the lives of children and young people living in areas of high poverty and social exclusion by providing free and open access to creative recreational and educational opportunities’. Based in Acton Park, they run play clubs at local schools and at the ART BLOCK throughout the year. The kids who go to APPLE are always the stars of the Acton Carnival and the Christmas Fair.

CARA: Creffield Area Residents’ Association
PO Box 54939
London W3 9YU
Covers the area from Ealing Common Station to Acton, north of the Uxbridge Road.

Ealing Gazette
Tel: 020 8579 3131

Ealing Civic Society
Works to preserve and improve the borough of Ealing, in the following areas: conservation, green spaces, licensing, design, heritage, planning, regeneration, streetscape, transport.

Ealing Council
Perceval House
14/16 Uxbridge Road
London W5 2HL
Tel: 020 8825 5000

Acton Banking Hub
With bank branches disappearing from the High Street, the Banking Hub provides some key banking services (such as paying in cheques or cash, paying utility bills and access to some banking staff to discuss things.
It is located inside The Oaks shopping centre. Opened in June 2023 and was the first Banking Hub in a city location.

Ealing Freecycle
Open to all who want to ‘recycle’ that special something rather than throw it away. Whether it’s a chair, a fax machine, piano or an old door, feel free to post it. Or maybe you’re looking to acquire something? You can post requests, too.

Mill Hill Park Residents’ Association
Covers the Mill Hill Park conservation area plus nos 63–79 Gunnersbury Lane.

West Acton Residents’ Association
Covers the area between the Central Line, the railway line that includes Acton Main Line, and the A40.

Do Something Good Ealing
is a platform covering Ealing borough, supported by the council, to help you make a difference in your local neighbourhood. Big projects or small helping hands, something useful, maybe something fun – it’s simply about doing something good.
Telephone: 020 8825 5000

Waste collections in Acton
See also ‘Acton Re-use and Recycling Centre’ below
To enquire about any sort of waste collection, ring Ealing customer services on 020 8825 6000 or visit

Acton Re-use and Recycling CentreCLOSED
Location: Stirling Road, W3 8DJ
Tel: (020) 8993 7580

The centre was open all year round except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

No vans allowed on this site, domestic or commercial and no commercial or business waste is accepted.

Closed November 26 2021 but it might come back in 2024 as a recycling (not waste) centre … the nearest full service waste/recycling site is:
Abbey Road – Brent Reuse and Recycling Centre
Location: Abbey Road, London, NW10 7TJ
Tel: (020) 8937 5050
At the time of writing this there were restricted opening times so check their web site before travelling.
This is operated for Brent Council rather than Ealing Council but Ealing have said that residents from Acton are allowed to use it.