Building on open green spaces

An outline planning application was recently submitted to Ealing Council to build a 52-bedroom care home on the green land between St Dunstans Avenue And St Dunstans Gardens.
This came as a big surprise to local residents and appears to be a proposal by property speculator.

Peter Mason, the current leader of Ealing Council is aware of it (see below) – and expressed his concerns – but Acton residents would like to go further.
As he explained at the Churchfield Community Association AGM, it is possible for anyone to submit a planning application to build on any land so the Developers are within their rights to do so. Residents understand his point. Nevertheless it’s worrying for local people to be the ones to resist opportunism like this one. It would be helpful if LBE would consider publishing an intention to refuse consent to build on publicly owned green space in the Borough “where it is legally possible to do so”. Such a policy would blend well with other policies on clean air and residents’ amenities and would help Residents, Councillors and Officers to deal with applications like this.